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2022 Forcura  CONNECT Summit

Earning a Seat at the Table:  Are Home-Based Care Providers Ready to Compete in a Value-Based Care Economy?

Thank you to our guests who attended the free virtual event from Jan. 18-20! If you missed it or wish to review any of the enlightening discussions, you may access our on-demand recordings here.

Session Recordings

Hospital-at-Home: Lessons
Learned from the Front Lines

Linda Murphy, Danielle McGrath, Maura Nazario, Donna Cothren

Complex Patient Care
Coordinated- An ACO Success Story

Dr. Christine Rooney, Dr. Lily Kam, Kimberley Merry, Nicholas D'Addabbo

The Opportunity for Post-Acute
Care – A Payer's Perspective

Dr. René Lerer, CEO, Longevity Health Plan, LLC

Using Analytics to Drive Top
Performance Value

Cindy Campbell, Kirby McDaniel, Wanda Coley

Predictive Analytics to Power
Up SNF Performance

Janine Savage, Jane Moffett, Majd Alwan, Robert 'Bob' Latz

Using AI to Retain Employees:
The Amedisys Success Story

Sharon Brunecz, Megan Ambers, Sherri Freeman

The Future of Home-Based Care:
Preparing for 2023

Scott Pattillo, Jeff Shaner, Gary Voydanoff

Smarter Business Through CAQH

Robert Bowman

Your 2022 Interoperability Playbook

Therasa Bell, Nick Knowlton, David Hill

Technology and Trends Powering
Home-Based Care and its Workforce

Tim Ingram, Tammy Ross, Arlene Maxim

How Post-Acute Care Earns a
Seat at the Table: An Executive
Roundtable Looks Ahead

Bruce Greenstein, Annie Erstling, Kate Warnock