Companies with a Passion for their Customers Give the Best Service

Everyone has a go-to business favorite, from take-out restaurants to fitness centers to online merchants. Why do we keep frequenting them? If you think about it, you’ll find one common denominator: the way they treat us as a customer. All companies, whether consumer or business focused, provide basic customer service. But there are some for whom serving their customers is a passion – and you can count Forcura among them.

Customer Service is an Evolving Science

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Nemours: Children's Health System and Scripps Health – are five of the 16 hospitals cited by Becker’s Hospital Review for their “terrific customer service.” From treating patients like family to same-day appointments, better communication to more eye contact with physicians, the healthcare industry is stepping up its game. 1

The Leader’s Board Founder and President Bill Bodnar says innovative healthcare organizations are modifying customer relationship practices from other industries. He also sees a greater use of data analytics and surveys to get information from patients and their families about customer service. As Mr. Bodnar notes, “In the most forward-leaning organizations, new definitions of the ‘vision’ or strategies that are designed around customer service are appearing.” 2

We’ve adopted this very strategy at Forcura. From the outset and top down, we are 100 percent focused on our clients. We’ve worked hard to develop our strategy around a client-centrism. We have genuine concern for our client base, as an innovative company in an industry that is beginning its journey leveraging technology and analytics. We want our clients to succeed with the help of our solutions, so every Forcura employee must have empathy, and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Thorough Training Makes the Best Customer Service Reps

Customer service representatives are the people who interact with customers most. So if they’re trained well from the start, you should have very satisfied customers. According to consultant, author and speaker Micah Solomon, “For a customer service training program to have both immediate and lasting value, its training design needs to include foundational/framework items that will inspire employees to think beyond the day in and day out, nuts-and-boltsy side of carrying out customer service, as well as having room on the agenda for tactical topics and items that straddle both categories.” His tips for a foundational framework include training on purpose vs. function, anticipatory customer service, and how to serve unexpressed customer wishes and needs. Customers should feel like they’re “at the center of your universe.” 3

Forcura’s client service reps are trained around the framework philosophy: we appreciate our clients’ business. Everything else flows from that. They learn to always offer clients a comfortable connection point, and truly listen. Yes, there’s the product training, role playing, shadowing our existing analysts as they respond to client questions or concerns, sharing templates for certain types of questions, easing them slowly into one-on-one client conversations, and even paying them competitive salaries as our primary customer-facing employees. Our client service reps are taught to maximize every interaction with a client, and offer more information to anticipate related queries or issues. Above all, they must be professional, patient and remember to keep the end result in mind.

We don’t stop there. We survey every service contact, giving clients a chance to rate us. We set client satisfaction goals, and celebrate our clients’ positive feedback throughout the company. In the current quarter, our satisfaction rating is already 96 percent – and you can bet our team is aiming for 100! Compare that with behemoth Google’s rating of only 79 percent in 2019. 4          

Plan Each Stage of Your Customer’s Journey

“Customer-centric companies are laser focused on their customers. Instead of being driven by shareholders or revenue, these companies put customers at the center of every decision they make. They are customer focused over being product focused. That centricity is evident in great service and a cohesive customer experience.” That’s how Senior Contributor Blake Morgan introduced Forbes’ list of “The 10 Most Customer-Obsessed Companies Of 2019.” One software company among the Top 10, Workday, was cited for its “amazing 98% customer satisfaction score for listening to customer feedback and adjusting its products to best meet customers’ needs,” as well as its continual innovation that benefits both customers and employees. 5

At Forcura, we want 100 percent of our clients to be referenceable. That’s a lofty goal, but we think we can achieve it if we lay out each client’s experience with us step by step. How does that client want to receive information? We work with our clients to understand if they prefer phone or email and also the support tools they prefer, such as video conferencing. Having a variety of communication options will result in our responses being more effective and empower our clients to become more self-sufficient.

Part of the customer journey is their feedback – and how it’s used to benefit them. Our product innovation is driven by client and market needs. We want solution improvements to be right for the circumstances clients are facing. Whether we seek their input or collaborate with them on an upgrade, our goal is to help them achieve their goals.  

Forcura’s Pledge

As a small but rapidly growing company, Forcura wants each client to know our core values of service will remain steadfast as we expand. The healthcare companies we serve are doing a noble job every day - the least we can do is give them solutions and service that enable them to provide the best possible care. If you’re looking for a partnership with that sort of commitment to your business, contact us now.

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In her role as VP, Partner & Client Experience in Strategy , Windy is responsible for the implementation, optimization, and sustained success of Forcura’s clients and partners.  Her expertise is in optimizing organizational processes and the utilization of Forcura’s tools for back-office and clinical success when it comes to the unique challenges that home health and hospice organizations face with regulations.
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