Conquering Compliance

If you are like many of the home health and hospice agencies we work with, managing volumes of patient charts while keeping up with documentation and certification requirements from CMS can be a real challenge.

While this can be an issue for any healthcare organization, for those with clinical staff and patients out in the field, managing compliance becomes even more complex.


The Challenge

Most patients in the home health and hospice space have lengthy patient charts, so just the sheer volume of paperwork can be a challenge to manage. Add to that CMS’ growing number of required documents including the recent pre-claim review documentation.


In some instances, our clients need to physically return signed documents to a home office or hospital. When you have admission and clinical staff serving a wide geographic area, document delivery becomes very time-consuming and offers too many opportunities for lost paperwork.


Our Goal: Intuitive Compliance

Forcura is designed to make home health and hospice organizations more effective and efficient by automating workflow and document management processes. While our platform makes almost every department within an organization more efficient, the impact we have on the workload of compliance teams is extraordinary. Our goal is to make adhering to compliance simple and intuitive.


Step 1: The Forcura Intake and Referral Management module routes all inbound documents through a single web-based platform that all users can easily and securely access at any time of day and from any device. Documents get to where they need to go and anyone within an organization can access them. They never get lost.


Step 2: Our Document Tracking module allows users to easily see where documents are in process. Every document that passes through the system carries a detailed audit trail so it is easy to see where information resides making redundant forms a thing of the past.


Step 3: With the Forcura Scan Capture module, remote staff can submit signed documents into the patient chart instantly, no matter where they are. This module allows organizations to securely capture official signed documents without ever having to deliver physical copies.


The End Result

The Forcura application eliminates the potential of compliance fines which range from $100-$50k per record and can be up to a maximum of $1.5 million per year. Additionally, our clients can conduct what used to be painful and lengthy audits much more simply and effectively. All of the paperwork required in these audits is easy to locate, organized and ready to share.


At Forcura, we develop great software – but we are always a service company first. We’d love to hear from you on some of your compliance challenges so that we can continue to optimize our software to make your job easier.



Topics: CMS Regulatory Guidance

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