Why We Love Corporate Wellness Programs (And You Should, Too!)

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As a business in the healthcare industry, we understand the importance of employee wellness in the prevention of chronic diseases and other conditions. In recent years, corporate wellness programs have become one of the most important ways to help employees achieve physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims "effective workplace programs, policies, and environments that are health-focused and worker-centered have the potential to significantly benefit employers, employees, their families, and communities."1

Shortly after we opened our doors, we identified the need for and created a corporate wellness program at Forcura. Our ultimate goal was to promote and support holistic health for all of our employees.

There is no one-size-fits-all wellness program. What works best for Forcura right now is a coordinated combination of above average employee healthcare benefits, on-site fitness evaluations and training, stand-up desks, sponsorship for fitness competitions and an abundance of healthy snack options in our break room. We believe that our wellness program has allowed us to keep employees healthy and engaged while attracting first-rate local talent. And - as we grow our program will continue to expand and evolve.

Here are three main reasons we decided launch the wellness program:

  • It builds company culture.
  • Our employees feel better.
  • We can see the ROI.




Creating and sustaining an awesome culture in the workplace is very important to our CEO & Founder, Craig Mandeville. While company happy hours provide great opportunities to socialize, they provide more emotional and mental health benefits than physical. Group workouts, exercise breaks, and company sponsored fitness competitions allow to team building in a healthier format.


CG Mobile Gym 4.jpg

Employees plank during one of the group workouts.

To infuse wellness into the culture of the organization, we want to maximize participation. We make it easy for employees to participate, by bringing the benefits to them. Chris' Garage Mobile Gym brings the gym and personal training right to our office. For companies that might not be quite ready to build a workout facility right in their office (most of us), this option provides fitness assessments, personal training, group challenges, and nutritional guidance.


Employees feel better


Physical wellness activities paired with healthy snack options and a culture of community results in happier employees. Extensive and accessible healthcare benefits are incorporated into the wellness program, to ensure physical, mental, and emotional wellness both inside and outside the workplace.

CG Mobile Gym 2.jpg

Group workouts are great for team building.

Working remotely enables employees to more easily maintain a work/ life balance, but we want our employees to want to be in the office. By offering them the commodities and amenities of the wellness program, employees have something to look forward to during the (sometimes) inevitable stressful days in the office.




While many aspects of a wellness program (healthy snacks, exercise breaks, flu shots, etc.) come at little to no additional cost, some components will require monetary investment on the company's behalf.


Flu Shot Forcura Corporate Wellness Program.jpeg

This year, many Forcura employees took advantage of complimentary flu shots.

Forcura's investments in above-average employee healthcare benefits, on-site fitness evaluations and training, stand-up desks, and sponsorship for fitness competitions are returned tenfold. Improved employee efficiency and attendance save on overtime and sick day expenditures. Healthy, engaged employees decrease churn, increase retention, and reduce expenses involved in rehiring. Healthcare costs are reduced and worker's compensation claims are more easily avoided.


Our culture is bound by the wellness and engagement of our employees. By founding a corporate wellness program, we've been able to sustain an awesome culture throughout the rapid growth of our organization.




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