The Forcura Difference: Three Ways Post-Acute Providers are Ahead in 2020

The Forcura relationship management team has been working hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure we are doing everything we can to help them manage through the Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) and navigate COVID-19. There’s no denying - our customers are having to completely rethink the way they are operating and how they are performing their daily functions. For those functions that involve Forcura, our goal is to help them adapt to their new environment as easily as possible. Through my ongoing conversations and projects with our customers, I have observed that our clients are able to focus more on their patients, and remain financially viable, thanks in part to three of our core product features:

  1. Cloud-based software
  2. Analytics
  3. Provider Dashboard with Follow-up tracking

The Key to Working Remotely

The foundation of Forcura is centered on making information accessible and liberating our customers from any dependency on the fax machine. It’s why, from our founding, all of our solutions have been developed in a cloud-based platform. Forcura’s software centralizes all inbound and outbound fax documents in this platform, which allows our customers to access this information from anywhere with an internet connection. This was a game-changer when everyone had to pivot to working remotely. During this transition stage, many of our customers were relieved that they did not have to go into work to retrieve fax documentation off a fax machine or lug their desktop home with locally installed software. With everything that our customers have had to re-evaluate and focus on to adapt to COVID-19, we are proud that a core piece of their transition, their Forcura technology, was something that they did not have to think about.

Along with having a solution that is fully cloud-based and easily accessible, Forcura launched two massive products based directly on our customer’s feedback and market trends. Our new Analytics platform powered by Microsoft BI and our Provider Dashboard with Follow-up tracking has had a tremendous positive impact on our customer’s ability to adapt and drive their business forward.

Managing Remote Teams and your Bottom Line

Forcura Analytics has been an invaluable solution for our customers’ leadership teams to track and understand how effective their employees are adapting to this new environment and understand how their business is performing.

The customers that I have spoken to this year have expressed how important it has been to have the ability to track employee performance and activity while working remotely. The performance tracking reports have enabled our customers’ management to have a better understanding of the work being accomplished, who is contributing, and where they can improve.  

The Analytics platform consists of multiple reports that deliver insights into operational performance. On the referrals management side, they can easily identify trends in their number of referrals each month and compare that to their speed to patient onboarding. On the orders management side, the outstanding orders report by branch and physician are being heavily used. Our customers are able to identify which branches and physicians need the most help and attention to quickly get orders signed and returned.

The Provider Dashboard with Follow-up tracking has brought our orders follow-up and tracking solution to a completely new level. This is a tool that allows users to strategically follow up on their outstanding orders based on previous contacts while building and improving the relationships with the physician offices. There have been more success stories from our customers adopting this new feature than any other feature through the first half of 2020. Our customers are using this tool in conjunction with Analytics to identify and reconcile large volumes of outstanding orders. I was speaking to Signature Healthcare at Home, a customer who recently just started using Analytics and the Provider Dashboard. They said this about the follow-up tracking tool: “We love it. We can see.. the trail of follow-ups and all the notes for each order.  I also like that you can edit the provider fax/phone info directly from there…we are extremely happy with the feature.”

We are seeing a new trend where agencies are moving towards physician-centric follow-up. This is the strategy of following up on all orders by physician regardless of order age. Physician-centric follow-up translates to fewer touchpoints to the physician’s office and a more consultative follow-up, ultimately improving relationships with the physician’s office. The Provider Dashboard solution marries beautifully with this strategy and allows our customers to excel at following up on their outstanding orders, getting orders signed faster, and ultimately improving their revenue cycle.

It’s your Turn to Thrive

As we continue through the back half of the year, only time will tell what our customers will be challenged with and have to adapt to next. We are excited to continue our conversations with our customers and help them strategically rethink their processes to adapt to the ever-changing market. If you wonder if Forcura can help your business get ahead this year, please schedule a demo with us today!

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As a Senior Relationship Manager at Forcura, Andrew is responsible for managing strategic relationships with Forcura’s customers. He is passionate about building strong relationships with our customers and providing guidance on Forcura’s solutions. 

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