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Annie Erstling, Forcura’s CSO, Puts Prestigious Stevie Award in Perspective

Annie was recently recognized for her outstanding achievements as a strategic innovator and leader in the 2021 Stevie® Awards For Women In Business. More details are available in the full story here.   

I can hardly express what an honor it is to be recognized among other amazing women from all over the globe. I thank Forcura for taking the time to nominate me.  

Within such an awards category as this, I am especially happy that our company reflects a similar celebration of women who are achieving great things at Forcura every day.  

In a sector made up of only 29% women overall and just 7% in leadership positions, Forcura is a tech company with 50% of the team being women and the same percentage in leadership positions! Being among the company’s first female employees, I am grateful today to work with so many smart, motivated, fun women.  

My hope in receiving this award is to encourage each one of you to consider the great qualities you bring to the table and be bold in harnessing them to achieve your life’s ambitions. I look forward to all we will accomplish together in the years ahead. 


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As Chief Strategy Officer, Annie Erstling is responsible for driving growth at Forcura. She oversees the company's strategic planning, product innovation, marketing and strategic partnerships. She has experience launching new brands, products and companies across the healthcare and technology sectors.

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