What's next for Pre-Claim Review?

With just hours to spare, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made an announcement that the controversial Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCR), set to launch April 1, would be delayed.

In addition, the demonstration would be paused in the state of Illinois, the only state participating at the time.

So what does this mean for providers? It means that CMS is reviewing the overwhelming amount of feedback that they've received and is preparing an updated set of requirements. We've seen that CMS has acted quickly throughout this demonstration, so we want to make sure your organization is prepared for these new requirements.

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During the free webinar next week, you'll discover everything we've learned from the roll-out in Illinois, what we've heard in the capital, and what we expect to happen next.

Our panel consists of industry experts who have been following the demonstration since it was first proposed in 2016.

Nick Seabrook, Managing Director at BlackTree Healthcare Consulting, provides insight into how regulations like this affect profitability and reimbursement. His expertise in revenue cycle management and hands-on experience with clients maneuvering PCR ensure that agencies stay profitable through times like this.

Kim Gaffey MSN, RN, CEO & Founder of Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice, provides a unique perspective as Illinois home health provider. She has worked closed with Palmetto throughout the demonstration and will share her feedback and strategy.

Craig Mandeville, Founder & CEO of Forcura, understands the power of leveraging technology to maximize efficiency in the home health back-office. He believes that the right tools, along with the right people and processes, can ensure that organizations are focusing on their patients throughout changing regulations like PCR.

The three panelists will walk through everything you need to know about PCR including the latest CMS updates. You won't want to miss it- register today!

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