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Forcura’s Platform Is Your Mobile Care Solution

Better patient care is always the goal, and Forcura is leading the way. Our HIPAA-compliant mobile care app brings together speed, security, and accessibility as no other software can. The end result is lower costs, stronger team communication, and more attentive patient care. 

Streamline your processes with a single cloud-based platform that keeps your whole team connected and completely eliminates faxes. Forcura’s Care Team Coordination App is the leading software solution for post-acute care organizations, allowing for seamless integration with your EHR.

Our Mobile Care Coordination Software Includes:

  • Safe, Secure Communication for your team to have the data they need, when they need it. 
  • Video Call Capability so field clinicians can deliver face-to-face care, even remotely. 
  • Digital Forms Management with template configuration and automatic data indexing. 
  • Automatic Wound Recognition that scans and measures chronic wounds for fast, accurate reporting.

Who we serve

Home Health Icon

Home Health

Connect home healthcare teams, allowing them to work from anywhere there is a web connection.
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Make every second count with faster patient onboarding and more efficient workflows.

Rehabilitative Therapy

Streamline patient referrals and accelerate billing cycles with automated technology.
Skilled Nursing Icon

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Reduce operating costs with digital workflows and patient-centered tools.
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Personal Care

Minimize held claims, empower staff from anywhere, and make data-driven decisions that enhance patient care.

How We do it

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Streamline Referrals

Streamline your referrals and documentation from multiple sources in one location

Streamline workflows

Streamline workflows with AI-driven automation
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Track medical records

Track medical records from end-to-end

Collaborate and communicate

Collaborate and communicate securely, from anywhere

Maximize ROI by improving operational effectiveness

Eliminate fax costs and get paid faster

Watch the Video

Document Workflow

Integrate documentation in one place for better informed decision-making. See how our document workflow solution allows you to manage and track all of your outstanding orders, referrals, labs, and other documents in one cloud-based platform.