Forcura Announces the Connect Framework for Home Health and Hospice Organizations

Forcura Announces the Connect Framework for Home Health and Hospice Organizations

January 15, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL - Forcura, a healthcare technology company, today announces Forcura Connect, a framework for standardizing interoperability and integration between home health and hospice organizations, physicians, electronic health records (EHRs) and other supporting technology vendors.

Forcura’s Connect framework utilizes a proprietary methodology and bi-directional API enabling EHRs and other technology vendors to share authorized health information in real-time with the highest level of security. Connect was developed to support the core document management functionality that Forcura provides by allowing any EHR or supporting technology vendor to easily plug in and facilitate the sending, sharing and receiving of data and documentation for all of its users.

“Our core document management platform exists to simplify and streamline back-office operations so that home health and hospice organizations, can provide better, more-informed patient care,” said Craig Mandeville, Forcura CEO. “We’ve been doing this successfully for the last 6 years. In 2018, interoperability is a huge focus across all of healthcare. The Forcura Connect framework is moving this segment of the industry closer to true interoperability and allows our clients to increase the ROI they are realizing across all of their administrative technology investments.”

Connect provides a standardized integration approach and API between systems and sources of information that is easy to plug into with minimal development and investment by the partner. Forcura’s vision is to be the standard connectivity platform supporting the home health and hospice segment of healthcare.


About Forcura:

Forcura, a leading healthcare technology company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, helps healthcare organizations deliver better patient care, improve cash flow and reduce administrative expenses through document management and HIPAA-compliant secure communication tools. The company has recently received awards for Fastest Growing Company, Best Use of Cloud Computing, Best CEO and Best Places to Work. For more information visit forcura.com, call 800-378-0596 or follow Forcura on Twitter @forcura.


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