Forcura Announces Documents to Data Strategy

Forcura Announces Documents to Data Strategy

Post-acute technology provider launches digital forms, live video and new user experience to drive digital communication

May 7, 2019 - Jacksonville, FL - Today Forcura announces the company’s documents to data strategy with the launch of two new technology solutions and a new modern user experience to its post-acute workflow and secure communication platform. The addition of digital forms management and live video coupled with a new front end user experience provide significant efficiencies to post-acute care providers. These new offerings will be instrumental in simplifying the administration of care in remote settings and driving interoperability.

Forcura is a cloud-based technology company committed to building tools and technology that simplify the flow of information and communication between post-acute healthcare organizations and referring providers. The Forcura platform currently enables simplified intake and referral management, orders management and mobile care team coordination for post-acute care providers and can be configured for many other post-acute workflows and processes. Forcura has partnered with the top EHRs in post-acute care to provide seamless flow of data between systems.

“We take our commitment to our customers and this market very seriously. Our new product offerings and user experience reflect the feedback from both current users and industry experts. Our goal is to deploy the most modern technology possible in a way that can be intuitively applied quickly and allow providers to drive down costs, increase cash flow and improve patient care,” said Craig Mandeville, Forcura, CEO.

The new Digital Forms Management module is available in both the cloud-based Workflow platform and in the Forcura mobile care team coordination app. This new solution allows providers to create, manage and auto-populate complex patient information forms on the go. Additionally, form data is auto-indexed, electronic signatures can be captured and everything is sent to the patient chart in the EHR of record.

In this new technology launch, Forcura also added live video capability to the company’s comprehensive mobile care team coordination app. This functionality allows field clinicians to communicate via live video with team leaders and subject matter experts allowing the best patient care to be administered in the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. All video conferences are time stamped and logged for audit purposes in the patient’s chart.

The new Forcura user experience enhances its core workflows of intake and orders management. The new look and feel of the Forcura web-based platform makes the administration of post-acute healthcare simpler and even more straight-forward. 

“We are committed to transitioning the flow of information in post-acute healthcare from a document-intensive process to a data-driven one. We move fast, innovate based on need and are highly focused on simplifying the administration of care through productivity and efficiency tools that empower better patient care,” said Annie Erstling, Chief Strategy Officer of Forcura.  

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Forcura, a leading healthcare technology company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, helps healthcare organizations deliver better patient care, improve cash flow and reduce administrative expenses through document workflow and secure communication tools. The Forcura suite of tools is powered by Forcura Connect, a proprietary framework for standardizing interoperability and integration between Home Health and Hospice organizations, physicians, electronic health records (EHRs) and other supporting technology vendors. The company has recently received awards for Fastest Growing Company, Best SaaS For Productivity, Best CEO and Best Places to Work.

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