Forcura Named Best Place to Work in Jacksonville

Forcura Named Best Place to Work in Jacksonville


May 18, 2018 - Jacksonville, FL - Today, Forcura, a high-growth healthcare technology company, was named a Best Place to Work in Jacksonville by the Jacksonville Business Journal.


“I am very proud of this award. My personal goal at Forcura is to be one of the companies that puts Jacksonville on the map as a place where innovation and technology can thrive. All while creating the next wave of young professionals and entrepreneurs who love this city as much I do.” said Craig Mandeville, CEO and Founder.


Forcura delivers solutions that drive workflow efficiency and communication for post-acute healthcare providers across the United States. The Forcura platform connects to a healthcare provider’s electronic health record (EHR) and significantly reduces administrative costs, improves productivity and ultimately allows for better more-informed patient care.


“There’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t enjoy coming into the office and working with everyone on this team,” says Jocelyn Donahue, Director of Human Resources.  “We strive everyday to create an employee-first culture at Forcura. If everyone loves what they do, enjoys coming to work and feels connected to the mission and vision of this organization - they will do their best work.”


For more information, follow @Forcura on Instagram, @Forcura on Twitter, connect with the company on LinkedIn, or visit www.forcura.com.


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