PDGM: What To Know And How To Prepare

With PDGM home health and hospice organizations are facing the biggest regulatory change in decades. More than ever before, having an efficient and robust intake and orders tracking process in place is crucial to your organization's success. The Forcura document workflow and secure clinical communication platform supports PDGM success in several key ways.

Intake & Referral Management

Manage all referrals with cloud-based technology, support and confidence you need to create a more streamlined and efficient intake process. 

  • Evaluate referral sources - community or institutional
  • Forcura averages 800 patients to 1 FTE 
  • Ensure accurate and complete intake information
  • Turn intake documents into actionable data

Orders Management

Track all documents as they are sent to and from your organization. When a signed document is returned, it is instantly reconciled, and you are notified that the document is ready for approval and billing.

  • Expedite signed orders. PDGM best practices call for 7-day turnaround. The average turnaround with Forcura is 3 days.
  • Automated follow up to outstanding orders
  • Streamline and simplify the receipt of physician signed & dated certifications, orders, & FTF documentation
  • Obtain electronic signatures in the field

Data & Analytics

View instant insights on employee productivity, document processing time, and number of referrals at any stage of the intake processes allowing you to make better decisions to thrive under PDGM. 

  • Intake
    • Speed to patient on-boarding
  • Tracking
    • Average days after start of episode that 485 is sent to physician
  • Billing
    • Days to RAP/final claim


Brian Harris, Consulting Director for BlackTree shares insights around the operational and clinical changes you need to consider to thrive as an organization as Craig Mandeville, CEO of Forcura outlines how your technology partners will help you prepare today for the proposed PDGM requirements.

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CMS Home Health Agency Center

Intake Savings Per Patient
Paperless Process
Reduction in A/R Turnaround
Decrease in Document Processing Time


"We can see the ROI from an analytics standpoint with Forcura. With visibility into physicians outstanding, orders outstanding, and the number of orders and documents transmitted out. Forcura allows us to truly analyze our efficiencies from a productivity standpoint."

- Alton Ewing, VP of Operations