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Cut Costs, Improve Cash Flow And Boost ROI

Home health and hospice organizations are currently using Forcura's document management and mobile care coordination to streamline workflows, align their organization from the field to the back office, and get the most out of their EHR, all while realizing a 324% return on investment.

The ROI of Forcura

Discover just how much your organization can save with a custom ROI evaluation based on key demographics and workflows of your organization, including:

  • An analysis of unique challenges you are facing

  • Your current fax, paper, and ink charges to be eliminated

  • The detailed ROI available to your organization

  • Actionable recommendations to improve compliance, efficiency, and scalability


Document Workflow

Integrate documentation in one place for better informed decision-making. See how our document workflow solution allows you to manage and track all of your outstanding orders, referrals, labs, and other documents in one cloud-based platform.


Mobile Care Coordination

Forcura’s Care Coordination app allows your field staff to quickly and effectively load and act on paper documents, measure and manage chronic wounds, and securely share, upload, and communicate that information with your EHR or team members.

How Forcura provides a 324% ROI


Patient and physician demographic information syncs directly with your EHR.  When a signed document is returned, it is routed through Forcura, instantly reconciled, and your staff is notified that the document is ready for approval and billing.


Document tracking allows your teams to instantly reconcile signed documents while being able to re-send documents based on escalation level or days outstanding. This results in a significant improvement in cash flow, faster billing, and improved revenue cycle.


Documents and workflows are centralized on our web-based application, enabling team members to do more with less. This takes out manual processes, enabling your staff to manage more information.


We remove all of the paper, ink, and document storage costs your organization is incurring on a monthly basis while reducing your telecommunication costs.