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Maximize your field staff efficiency with secure mobile scanning.

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Home Health & Hospice Organizations Drive Efficiency with Scan Capture

Forcura Scan Capture is ideal for field staff and clinicians that need to quickly complete and transmit clinical documents and images from anywhere in the field. All images and documents captured using Scan Capture are securely stored within the app. With Forcura Scan Capture you can:

  • Eliminate the need for fax or hand-delivery of remote documents
  • Expedite intake orders processing
  • Deliver documents to the patient record in real-time
  • Use any device
  • Ensure proper reimbursement

Capture high definition images and documents from any mobile device

Instantly capture consent forms, wound images, and other required documentation from anywhere in the field to ensure a complete, legible, and accurate patient record. Staff can use the mobile devices they already have.


Send files securely to shared folders

Easily route captured documents and images back to the office for processing and attachment to the patient chart. Files can be stored in your personal Drive or shared folders for easy access and collaboration with other team members.


Secure mobile and desktop access

Keep peace-of-mind knowing that all sensitive patient information is safe even if the device itself is lost or stolen. Real-time electronic delivery eliminates the time to hand-deliver referrals and other documents, so your staff can focus on caring for patients.


Auto-edge detection

Instantly capture high-definition documents by simply pointing your device's camera.

Offline functionality

Capture images and documents without cell service or WiFi.

Forcura Drive and patient chart integration

Everything captured with Scan Capture can be linked to a patient for easy access.



PIN and fingerprint authentication


100% HIPAA Compliant


End-to-End Encryption


Nothing stored on device

"I’ve completely removed paper from the equation and my staff can attach wound images directly to the patient chart, from anywhere in the field.”"

Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice

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