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Closing the Gap:

Technology Solutions for Streamlined Patient Intake and Smart Referrals in Home Health

In this on-demand webinar, our experts discuss integrated solutions offered by Forcura and Homecare Homebase that address industry challenges including staffing shortages and reduced reimbursements head-on. Watch to see how together, we optimize patient intake and enable smart referrals, and equip your home-based care organization to streamline intake and referral processes and improve overall performance.


Our Panelists

Our webinar is designed just for you. Join our panel of experts to learn more about Technology Solutions For Streamlined Patient Intake And Smart Referrals.  

Andy Biviano (002)-1

Andrew Biviano
VP of Interoperability


Annie 10-Retouched

Annie Erstling 
Chief Operations Officer


Kate 6-Retouched

Kate Warnock
Sr. Director of Communications and Brand Strategy