From Covid Recovery To Medicare Advantage-Ready: A Strategic Review For Hospice Providers

The “new normal” of operating in a Covid environment is still too new for many hospice providers to strategically think ahead. Yet Medicare Advantage and its growing presence in the marketplace represents a seismic shift of its own. Soon, hospice providers will have to organize their internal operations and expand their current service lines to satisfy the requirements of patients and payers alike.



Meet the panelists

This strategic review for hospice providers includes: 

  • How to make your current operations more efficient and productive 
  • The multiple benefits of diversifying your service offerings  
  • What you need to know about the Medicare Advantage hospice carve-in pilot 
  • Benefits of being an early adopter – for you and your patients. 

Kate Warnock

Director, Communications and Brand Strategy, Forcura

Beth Prince

VP, Revenue Management Services, Corridor