Don't Survive, Thrive in Senior Living Care - What your OP Therapy Business Needs to Know

If you operate an outpatient rehabilitation center in a Senior Living community - or are thinking of expanding into this market - there’s tremendous potential to make your business more efficient today, and more profitable tomorrow. 

Don’t miss this lively conversation with experts from Seagrove Rehab Partners, LINK Home Therapy, HealthTek Consulting, and Forcura on effective growth strategies you’ll want to adopt for your business now.


Meet the panelists


Mark McDavid

CEO, Seagrove Rehab Partners

Luis Montes

Co-founder and Managing Partner,  HealthTek Consulting

Avi Friedman

Co-Founder and COO, LINK Home Therapy
Kate 6-Retouched

Kate Warnock 

Director of Communications and Brand Strategy, Forcura

Topics will include:


Reduce Costs

How to reduce your operational costs and improve your cash flow with more efficient care collaboration processes. 

Improve Caseload

Tips for improving your Senior Community therapy caseload development.

Diversify Services

Diversifying your services to help offset current and future Medicare reimbursement cuts. 

Optimize Compliance

Optimizing your compliance protocols to mitigate risk 

Watch Trends

Trends to watch so you can move faster than your competitors.