Maintaining & Enhancing Provider Relationships Through the Evolving Home Health Landscape

Our esteemed panel of experts reviews best practices for improving and maintaining Provider Relationships in light of PDGM, COVID-19, and general issues facing the home health industry.

Regulatory changes mean that home health agencies now need to better manage their provider relationships and outreach in order to optimize the rate of signed returned orders. Compressed billing cycles under PDGM have made agency-physician relationships more critical than ever, for both patient care and revenue cycle management.


Attendees will learn more about:


Develop and Implement Best Practices

How to develop & implement best practices for your business office personnel, clinicians in the field, and physicians with whom you have - or wish to have - an association

Best practices for workflows

Best practices for reviewing and revising your current workflows

Achieve better visibility and transparency

How to achieve better visibility and transparency into your current and future business operations and the technology needed to survive PDGM

Meet the panelists


Cindy Campbell


Sam Soulas

Samantha Soulas


Jeff Aaronson

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Kate 6-Retouched

Kate Warnock