Move the Money with Better Provider Relationships and Smart Technology 

From regulations that chip away at profit margins to new payment arrangements driven by clinical outcomes, it has never been more important for your home health business to leverage the right people, processes and technology to get the most out of your provider relationships. Join experts from WellSky and Forcura as they share exactly how the healthcare tech solutions partners will optimize those relationships with intuitive tools, smart workflows and best practices. 

Want to get more ROI out of your tech and become the home healthcare provider of choice in your market? Watch Now! 


Attendees will learn more about:


Seamless connectivity

How seamless connectivity between WellSky and Forcura facilitates efficient operations that attract and satisfy referring providers

Flexibility and commitment

How your home health business can leverage technology to achieve better financial and clinical outcomes using fewer people
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Companies complement one another

How you can assess delays in signed orders, consider the best technology to use for your needs and maximize your agency’s potential in a value-based market

Meet the panelists


Brad Murph

Senior Product Owner, WellSky  


Cindy Campbell
Director of Operational Consulting, WellSky 


Laura Montesantos

Vice President of Product Management, Forcura

Kate 6-Retouched

Kate Warnock
Director of Communications and Brand Strategy