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Forcura Empowers Your Business To Thrive And Provide Better Patient Care

Since our founding in 2012, we have empowered more than 900 health care providers across more than 8,000 locations to reduce administrative expenses, optimize their revenue cycle management and deliver better clinical outcomes. Our best-in-class care coordination platform simplifies document workflow, data exchange, and secure communication from any device – all while interfacing seamlessly with your existing systems.

We continuously innovate to expand connectivity and grow a healthcare ecosystem that is more sustainable, coordinated, and patient-centered. Our mission is clear: to empower better patient care.  

Our Solutions For Vital Industry Goals


Reduce administrative expenses

We create patient referral and data tracking efficiencies to reduce office expenses, costly manual processes, and time spent onboarding employees to promote a leaner, nimbler and more connected staff.
Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize Revenue Cycle Management

We provide transparency into medical records and
 workflows to enable thorough coding and timely completion of tasks which accelerates final collections 
and yields more profitable results.

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Deliver Better Clinical Outcomes

Deliver Better Clinical Outcomes

We remove communication 
barriers and clerical burdens from the office staff out to clinicians in the field, providing more time to focus on patients and care plans with better anticipated outcomes.

Our Core Values



We are dedicated to elevating the delivery of patient care. We plan and execute every task to exceed expectations for our clients and take ownership of the outcome.


We challenge ourselves to take calculated risks and never accept the status quo.


Fulfilling our mission and vision requires an intense focus and hard work, yet we feel it is important to not take ourselves too seriously and have fun while making a difference.


We listen to our customers and deliver creative solutions to solve their issues. Innovative thinking is part of our DNA.


We conduct ourselves with openness and candor towards our coworkers, clients, and business partners in all aspects of our work.

Leadership Team