2022 Annual  Forcura  CONNECT Summit

Jan. 18 – 20, 2022  | 12 to 3 p.m. EST each day  
Admission: Free 
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Earning a Seat at the Table:  Are Post-Acute Care Providers Ready to Compete in a Value-Based Care Economy?

An Immersive Virtual Summit 

Over three unforgettable days, hear stories, lessons learned and can’t-miss advice from the providers, payers, health policy influencers and technology leaders who are making the case for post-acute care’s role in truly connected, value-based care ecosystems. 

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Today's Hot Topics


Care Coordination

Making patient care more cohesive by connecting all care providers to deliver on a patient’s integrated care plan. Safer, more transparent care transitions will be a significant subtopic. 

Clinical Intelligence

A novel look at how data can transform your patient outcomes and business KPIs.


The technical foundation that enables actionable patient information to be available when, where, and how it is most needed. 

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Jan. 18 – 20, 2022  | 12 to 3 p.m. EST each day  
Admission: Free 

New This Year:

  • Forcura will debut its original industry report, “2022: The State of Connectivity in Post-Acute Care,” based on a cross-sectional survey of healthcare providers and proprietary data.  
  • We will present our first Forcura CONNECT Award, honoring an entity for its exemplary approach or achievement in empowering better patient care.

Attendees  Will leave the Summit with these insights and answers:


How are your post-acute peers investing their tech dollars today, and where will they invest tomorrow?

How can technology improve your employee culture, help you retain your best staff and impact your bottom line?

What factors will make you the post-acute provider of choice among payers and patients?

What matters most to compete in a value-based care economy?


Keynote Speakers

These Thought Leaders Will Set The Tone With A Provocative Message You Won’t Want To Miss.