When a patient requires hospice care, every second counts.

The Forcura platform enables your teams to rapidly onboard new patients by centralizing and digitizing all your referrals in one dashboard. Our technology automatically starts the referral workflow process so your staff can quickly process each referral, identify upfront the most critical information, and populate your EHR of record in a click. Being cloud-based and completely paperless, referral management can be done anytime and anywhere in our HIPAA-secure environment.







Improve Communication and Collaboration Among Multi-Disciplined Care Teams

Forcura empowers your care teams to easily capture and transmit necessary documentation, complete required forms, and capture signatures as they’re by the patients’ sides with the Forcura mobile app. With Video Call and Secure Messaging, staff in the field can consult securely with experts back in the home office to provide even better patient care when it matters most. Fewer trips to the office means more time with patients and less burden on your clinicians.



What are our clients saying?

Hospice Companies
Home Health & Hospice Patients
Client Satisfaction Rating
“We look forward to providing our offices with a tool that will allow us to increase efficiency in our document management accuracy, specifically more comprehensive wound care documentation.”
Tony Miller MPT, COO for AngMar Medical Holdings
“In the age of technology in healthcare, we see Forcura as a partner in assisting our team members in providing comfort, support, and enhancing the quality of our patients’ lives through the advancement of document management and electronic consent forms.”
Russ Abercrombie CIO of Heart to Heart Hospice
“We have chosen Forcura because of its ability to dramatically streamline our intake process as well as reduce our compliance risk and accounts receivable turnaround time.”
Cristi Covington Amedisys VP of Business Transformation and Integration

Gain a competitive edge

While other Hospice providers struggle with bottlenecks in their workflows, Forcura Analytics helps you pinpoint inefficiencies so you can adjust training and team processes in near real-time. With auditable task histories and patient archives, the Forcura platform makes the information you need for your next internal review or audit readily available.


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