One app for your mobile workforce

Capture clinical and administrative data and communicate securely, all while seamlessly integrating with your EHR. The Forcura mobile app is the leading HIPAA-compliant mobile solution designed for post-acute care organizations.

Secure Communication

The simple and intuitive design enables your team to share messages, images, videos, and documents securely from their own device.

  • Group conversations and one-way broadcasting
  • Attach conversation transcripts to the patient chart
  • Urgent message notifications
  • Administration oversight capacity
  • Mobile and desktop access
  • Offline functionality

Video Call

Field clinicians can securely communicate face-to-face with team leaders and subject matter experts allowing the best patient care to be administered in the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. All video conferences are logged and recorded in the patient’s chart.

  • Real-time, HIPAA-secure collaboration
  • Bring subject-matter care experts into the home for consultation
  • Contact the right individuals to make living space recommendations

Document Capture

Field staff and clinicians can quickly capture and transmit clinical documents and images from anywhere in the field and sync them to the patient chart.

  • Auto edge detection
  • Instantly share images with back office
  • Offline functionality

Digital Forms Management

Create, manage and auto-populate complex patient information forms on the go. Data is automatically indexed, electronic signatures can be captured from the field, and everything is sent to the patient chart in your EHR. Eliminate the need to obtain and track hard copies of signed documents.

  • Complete state/federally mandated forms electronically
  • Configure form templates for your organization 
  • Securely transmit completed forms and signatures to the patient chart

Wound Measure

Automatically recognize, scan, and measure any chronic wound providing nurses with accurate measurements and a report on progress that attaches directly to the patient chart.

  • Consistent measurements regardless of users
  • Track progress over time
  • Offline functionality

Integrated Security

Know you're covered with end-to-end encryption for all protected health information in transit and at rest.

  • Pin/fingerprint authentication
  • Nothing stored on device
  • Double encryption
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant

Mobile Care Team Coordination

Forcura’s mobile app allows your staff to quickly and effectively load and act on documents, measure and manage chronic wounds, and securely share, upload, and communicate that information with other team members or load it directly into your EHR.

Take Care Team Coordination further with Forcura workflow

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Paperless Process
Reduction in Document Processing Time
Patient to FTE Ratio

Intrepid USA + Forcura

"We felt Forcura stood out from the other vendors in the industry, primarily because of the quality of management, quality of technology, and quality of future vision."

- John M. Kunysz, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Intrepid USA

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