With Forcura Analytics, quickly determine the health of operations across your enterprise. From managing referrals to tracking outstanding orders and driving faster A/R, know what’s working and what needs attention - fast. No manual reporting, time-consuming data extracts, no specialized roles.

Workflow and Staff Performance Insights

Clients now have access to an integrated platform of business intelligence reports and drill-down data that enables them to assess at a glance key referrals and orders management indicators, as well as staff performance metrics. Clients can monitor the health of their operations, isolate workflow-related areas that require action, and easily prove the value of Forcura within their organization.

Referral Management

Track referral volume trends for your organization, and plan resources to efficiently process referrals for days with higher volumes.
  • Referral Volume
  • Referral Processing Speed

Orders Management

Learn precisely which physicians are holding the highest volume of your orders, and how long those orders have been outstanding. You can target those physicians for outreach and improve your revenue cycle management.

  • Orders in Pending Signature
  • Orders in Pending Approval by Location
  • Orders in Pending Signature by Location
  • Outstanding in Pending Signature by Provider


Staff Performance

Higher-volume days require higher-performing teams. With Analytics - Performance Insights, users can evaluate referrals and outstanding orders trends to anticipate volume spikes, and right-size their teams for optimal processing times.

  • Number of Referrals Created by Users
  • Number of Orders Processed by Users
render comp - referral management
render comp - orders management
render comp - staff performance



Who are your best performing teams across locations, and how can you scale best practices?

Reports give you the data you need to know where your referrals and orders management workflows are most efficient. Share what’s working best across your enterprise.





"Staff called one of our tardy physicians and were able to get more than 120 signed documents returned in a matter of days. It was pretty amazing that this physician went from the top of our list to almost the bottom so quickly. We also gave him a ballpark figure of how his outstanding orders were affecting us financially. He has now remained timely with signing and returning documents, knowing we can easily compare his results with other referring physicians."

- Nicole Fowler, Business Manager of Clinical Operations
University Hospitals Home Care

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