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Forcura is a leading technology company based in Jacksonville, Florida that helps healthcare organizations with their back-office operations and communications.

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We are dedicated to elevating the delivery of patient care. We plan and execute every task to exceed expectations for our clients and take ownership of the outcome.


We challenge ourselves to take calculated risks and never accept the status quo.


Fulfilling our mission and vision requires an intense focus and hard work, yet we feel it is important to not take ourselves too seriously and have fun while making a difference.


We listen to our customers and deliver creative solutions to solve their issues.Innovative thinking is part of our DNA.


We conduct ourselves with openness and candor towards our coworkers, clients, and business partners in all aspects of our work.


 That's how we'd describe our team. Our culture is defined by our core values: passionate, bold, innovative, transparent, and fun. It's what makes us successful!

 Work Hard, Play Hard

At Forcura, we understand that everyone needs time away from the day to day to be a happier, more productive and creative team member! With team outings and generous vacation and personal time off policies, Forcura ensures team members have plenty of time to have fun and make memorable experiences outside of the office… or even the country!

Forcura employee at the beach Forcura employee at Jaguars Game Forcura employee in Chicago Forcura employee at ski trail Forcura employee with their children Forcura employee in Japan Forcura employee snow boarding Forcura employee at the White House Forcura employee fishing Forcura employee cleaning up the beach Forcura employee in the mountains Forcura employees at football game Forcura employee at Niagara Falls Forcura employee at baseball game Forcura employee at Giant's Causeway Forcura employee skiing Forcura employee sailing Forcura employee in Hawaii Forcura employee in Ireland Forcura employee in St. Augustine

Benefits that benefit you


Your wellbeing is important to us! Forcura provides medical, dental, vision, and disability benefits.

Paid Parental Leave

Forcura gives parents parental leave to ensure they have the time they need to care for and bond with a new child.

Retirement Option

Planning for retirement is important. Forcura provides a Simple IRA with 100% employer match!


Like to run or workout? Forcura participates in group fitness activities and sponsors team members memberships in local wellness organizations.

Paid Time Off

Want to soak up the sun at the beach? Or maybe you just want to celebrate Groundhog Day? Forcura gives team members the time to do that.

Stock Ownership

When you’re a part of the company, you’re really a part of the company. Every full time team member is given equity.

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At Forcura, employee culture is an important part of what we do. We want to make sure that each team member has the resources and benefits they need to succeed both at work and in their personal lives.