Rehabilitating patients relies on business processes as agile as you.

When patients need your therapy team’s expert care, don’t waste time or resources on inefficient, paper-based processes that can hinder your ability to start care or initiate billing. 

Watch your business become more agile.
•  Efficiently manage referrals
•  Streamline administrative oversight
•  Reduce overhead
•  Improve cash flows

Discover How Much Really Can Get Done In A Day


Referral Management

Instantly centralizes your referral sources and identifies them from other incoming documentation. Take action and quickly accept new patients into care.

Medical Records Management

Signed and returned documents like Plans of Care and Recertifications are instantly reconciled, and your staff is notified that the document is ready for approval and billing.

Provider Dashboard

Prioritize outreach on unsigned certifications with a workflow designed around the days since follow-up. Get more documents returned within your billing cycle targets.

Mobile App

Connect your remote care teams to the home office with HIPAA-secure text and video communications.

Manage Everything From Anywhere in One Place

If your staff is office-based or remote, or your operations are centralized or location-based, Forcura equips you to keep staff focused on daily tasks and administrators instantly informed - all from the Forcura platform. Know what work is in flight, how staff is performing down to an individual level, and where bottlenecks are throttling your business. With Forcura, you can take immediate action to resolve workflow issues, hit your billing cycles and work smarter to accomplish your goals.

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Referral Managment

Centralize and digitize referrals from all your referral sources and manage your workflow in one cloud-based dashboard. Forcura’s IQ technology instantly recognizes and classifies your referrals, allowing you to streamline and manage all of your referral sources remotely.

  • Allow your team regardless of location the opportunity to accept and review referrals. 
  • Technology detects and directs referrals to a priority work queue.
  • Automated patient demographic data capture and sync.
  • Route referrals regardless of delivery method. 
  • Act on real-time administrative insights.

Medical Records Management

Track all documents as they are sent to and from your organization. When a signed document is returned, it is instantly reconciled, and your staff is notified that the document is ready for approval and billing.

  • Full audit and document insights log
  • Batch fax resending
  • Configurable escalation workflows
  • Real-time document aging and turnaround reporting
  • Barcode tracking and reconciliation


Video Call

Field clinicians can securely communicate face-to-face with team leaders and subject matter experts allowing the best patient care to be administered in the home as quickly and efficiently as possible. All video conferences are logged and recorded in the patient’s chart.

  • Real-time, HIPAA-secure collaboration
  • Bring subject-matter care experts into the home for consultation
  • Contact the right individuals to make living space recommendations

Document Capture

Field staff and clinicians can quickly capture and transmit clinical documents and images from anywhere in the field and sync them to the patient chart.

  • Auto edge detection
  • Instantly share images with back office
  • Offline functionality

Digital Forms Management

Create, manage and auto-populate complex patient information forms on the go. Data is automatically indexed, electronic signatures can be captured from the field, and everything is sent to the patient chart in your EHR. Eliminate the need to obtain and track hard copies of signed documents.

  • Complete state/federally mandated forms electronically
  • Configure form templates for your organization 
  • Securely transmit completed forms and signatures to the patient chart

Secure Communication

The simple and intuitive design enables your team to share messages, images, videos, and documents securely from their own device.

  • Group conversations and one-way broadcasting
  • Attach conversation transcripts to the patient chart
  • Urgent message notifications
  • Administration oversight capacity
  • Mobile and desktop access
  • Offline functionality


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Therapy Press Release  Forcura Announces Document Workflow And Care Coordination For The  Rehabilitation And Therapy Market

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Digital Forms Management & Video Call  These new tools have been designed specifically from feedback from our  customers to enhance team productivity and efficiency.