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Spotlight On Our Raving Fans

Wondering if Forcura is the best technology partner for your business? This page is for you. Our clients have always shaped how our business has grown and informed how our technology solves your biggest administrative, financial and communication challenges. We’re proud to include a sample of what they’ve had to say about us.

Forcura Is a 2024 Best in KLAS Winner 

The Seal of Approval You Earn

Accepting patients into care is hard enough. You’ve told KLAS Research that Forcura is the solution that makes this workflow easier by ranking us #1 for Patient Referral Management and Analytics in 2024As a Forcura client, you don’t just license our award-winning software: you hire a team of people dedicated to earning your loyalty through exceptional service, ongoing innovation, and data-driven value. Want to know more? 

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A Sample of Our 900+ Customers

We Turn Clients Into Raving Fans

“[Forcura has] been simple to use and I'm impressed with how well the implementation went. You know, when you're talking about organizational change of 800 locations, it's a monumental task. And to be able to get that done in six months with no organizational fallout, I think is a momentous feat.”

John DiCapo

VP of Operations, LHC Group Inc.

"Performance is always the top priority. The software has to do what you say it is going to do and contribute to the bottom line. But to have that and high satisfaction from your employees, that’s a slam dunk."

Tony Miller

Chief Operating Officer, Angmar

“I feel a very strong commitment and partnership with Forcura. We know who to call if we have questions, and we can be confident that there are numerous people there who will answer them."

Robert Orlando

VP, Application & Integration Services, VNS Health

“We can see the ROI from an analytics standpoint with Forcura. With visibility into physicians outstanding, orders outstanding, and the number of orders and documents transmitted out, Forcura allows us to truly analyze our efficiencies from a productivity standpoint.”

Alton Ewing

VP of Operations, Amedisys

"Forcura provided our agency with a near-immediate ROI exceeding 400%."

Ben Hyer

Chief Information Officer, Loving Care In-home Health Services

“Caleb was extremely helpful in ensuring we had a smooth transition with adding Forcura to our daily workflow. He was knowledgeable and always followed up our calls with emails and answers to questions we asked. He is very professional, personable, and approachable. He always responded to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. He kept the implementation process flowing smoothly throughout with weekly calls and gave us the training and resources we needed to quickly become proficient with Forcura.”

Denise Aloma

Chief Financial Officer, United Care Home Health Services

"Forcura has enabled us to improve our outcomes of patient care, improved our cash flow and also improved the process that nurses complete because they have all the data in real time."

Kim Gaffey

Founder and CEO, Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice

“Melonie, I just wanted to give you a HUGE thank you! Doing a rollout with 600+ employees is always going to be stressful but you have made the process soooo smooth with Forcura!! I can't thank you enough for all the attention to detail and just overall incredible support that you've given us throughout the process.”

David Kerns

CEO, Buckeye Home Health Care

“Jackie not only completed my request but also saw additional items that needed to be addressed as well.”

Rhonda Scroggins

Manager of Software Support, Elara Caring

“Ed is extremely helpful - he forwarded my issue to the Forcura Support and Clark was quick to respond and provide excellent troubleshooting tips that easily solved the issue. Clark was polite and friendly and made sure to follow up multiple times to ensure issue was satisfactorily resolved. Thank you.”

Sarah Cavazos

Authorizations/Orders Manager, Be Healthy at Home

“I definitely believe it’s been a morale booster. We don’t have outstanding or lost orders anymore, which tended to cause some stress among staff.”

Wendy Thome

Director, Central Plains Home Health and Hospice

“We used to have only a few fax lines. Now, we have many fax lines through the vendor. That has been very efficient. We have fewer errors with faxes and a better order management solution. The way the system's order management process is integrated with our system is amazing. It streamlines our business flow, and we don't have to hire as many staff members to manage order pieces because the system is so efficient.”

VP/Other Executive

KLAS Performance Report, June 2023

"Forcura is heading in the right direction with the focus on referrals and doing order signatures via a more modern means. They have built out a simpler physician portal to get orders signed, and they are looking at additional ways that they can improve upon that."


KLAS Performance Report, June 2023

"What I love the most about Forcura is that they are a very proactive employer. They are innovative in that they take care of their people and their company. By doing that, they get us a better product."


KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

“Forcura’s customer service is fabulous. In today's world, that is untrue for most companies. We often have inclement weather, but we never seem to lose our connection with the vendor. They make it very easy for us to communicate, whether that is by email, telephone, or cell phone. They really look out for their agencies.”


KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

“With Forcura, we have seen quite a few benefits, from order management all the way through general documentation management and referrals. We have implemented the referral IQ technology, and the vendor seems to be pretty on top of the use of AI and things like that to help with the referral process. The vendor also seems to be doing well from an architecture standpoint. The product is definitely built on modern architecture, and the vendor is staying on top of that as they go further. As time goes on, Forcura is positioned to move their product toward being an enterprise-level product. We are in a close relationship with the vendor. They take our feedback and listen to what we have to say, and then we can see actionable items on that feedback.”


KLAS Performance Report, June 2023

“Forcura has streamlined my ability to look at orders, plans of treatment, and doctor's signatures and make sure the information is valid. Having the ability to use Forcura to test a certain process has made it so our organization has not lost a dime. With the process we have developed, we can turn a claim around in about 10 days, and that is pretty phenomenal in our specialty. That means getting all the documentation finished, signed by the physician, audited, and out for billing. Prior to Forcura, it took us about 23 days to do those things. The profitability of our organization has significantly improved because our cash flow is much better than it was pre-Forcura.”


KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

"The number-one benefit of Forcura is the communication skills with the physician for our specialty. We can obtain orders with electronic signatures that transcribe directly into our EMR. In the past, no software did that for us. Forcura was the answer that I had been looking for. My previous software didn't speak to or interact with anything. There was a missing link in sending data to physicians. We were doing everything by snail mail. With Forcura, I have been able to eliminate the equivalent of a full-time employee. Forcura has evolved into several different types of HIPAA-compliant methods of communication, like a HIPAA-compliant telephone and texting system so that we can text among other professionals. Being able to communicate with people far away and remote hospitals has been a big benefit."


KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

"We like Forcura’s willingness to listen to their clients' needs and implement changes rapidly. Our specialty is a small part of the Medicare pie, and Forcura was started specifically for our specialty. Forcura is always asking what else they can do and how they can improve their product."


KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

"I am definitely a Forcura advocate. The top benefit of using Forcura is visibility into what our teams are working on and where our referrals and orders are"

VP/Other Executive

KLAS Performance Report, May 2023

"The vendor’s implementation process was pretty straightforward. The staff from Forcura is great to work with. They are very thorough and have good follow-up and follow-through. Anytime any members of my staff send them an email, I get copied on it, and Forcura's staff responds immediately."


KLAS Performance Report, April 2023

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