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Spotlight On Our Raving Fans.

Forcura celebrates our clients’ successes and is honored when our technology is recognized for its role in facilitating their accomplishments. We have immense admiration for our clients and partners as we work together to achieve excellence in healthcare and fulfill the compassionate mission of post-acute caregivers.

“Performance is always the top priority. The software has to do what you say it is going to do and contribute to the bottom line. But to have that and high satisfaction from your employees, that’s a slam dunk.”

Tony Miller

Angmar’s Chief Operating Officer

"Our organization would buy Forcura again because the vendor keeps their promises. They did a great job during the implementation, and I love using the product."


KLAS Performance Report, Aug. 2022

“I feel a very strong commitment and partnership with Forcura. We know who to call if we have questions, and we can be confident that there are numerous people there who will answer them."

Robert Orlando

VP, Application & Integration Services, VNS Health

“We 100% achieved all outcomes and more. At the time, we were doing all of our order management by hand, such as physically faxing things or doing hand delivery and pickup. We already had a pretty great process in place for that archaic delivery system, but since we switched over to Forcura, the time between sent and signed dates has probably been cut by maybe half. That is very fast.”


KLAS Performance Report, June 2022

"Caleb was extremely helpful in ensuring we had a smooth transition with adding Forcura to our daily workflow. He was knowledgeable and always followed up our calls with emails and answers to questions we asked. He is very professional, personable, and approachable. He always responded to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. He kept the implementation process flowing smoothly throughout with weekly calls and gave us the training and resources we needed to quickly become proficient with Forcura."

Denise Aloma

Chief Financial Officer, United Care Home Health Services

“With the product, we have a HIPAA-compliant communications tool, and that is a big plus. Getting buy-in took a while because people were still used to texting. It took a few months for everyone to come on. The tool has helped us redesign the intake process and allowed us to bring a lot of transparency into our work. The system forced us, in some ways, to redesign things outside of Forcura's system as well. It has caused almost continuous business improvements that are still happening as we ask questions about how things can work better.”


KLAS Performance Report, May 2022

"Forcura provided our agency with a near-immediate ROI exceeding 400%."

Ben Hyer

Chief Information Officer, Loving Care In-home Health Services

“Forcura has enabled us to improve our outcomes of patient care, improved our cash flow and also improved the process that nurses complete because they have all the data in real time.”

Kim Gaffey

Founder and CEO, Gaffey Home Nursing & Hospice

“The only thing I can say is that we would be crazy not to use Forcura. The dashboard and workflow are wonderful. I have nothing to say that is negative; I would just tell people to buy the system.”


KLAS Performance Report, June 2022

"Ed is extremely helpful - he forwarded my issue to the Forcura Support and Clark was quick to respond and provide excellent troubleshooting tips that easily solved the issue. Clark was polite and friendly and made sure to follow up multiple times to ensure issue was satisfactorily resolved. Thank you."

Sarah Cavazos

Authorizations/Orders Manager, Be Healthy at Home

“I definitely believe it’s been a morale booster. We don’t have outstanding or lost orders anymore, which tended to cause some stress among staff.”

Wendy Thome

Director, Central Plains Home Health and Hospice

“We can see the ROI from an analytics standpoint with Forcura. With visibility into physicians outstanding, orders outstanding, and the number of orders and documents transmitted out. Forcura allows us to truly analyze our efficiencies from a productivity standpoint.”

Alton Ewing

VP of Operations, Amedisys

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