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Forcura Insights

From regulatory guidance and back-office efficiency, to revenue cycle management and innovation in healthcare, our team shares our experiences and expertise through this blog.

Transforming Healthcare Connectivity: Forcura's Innovative Solutions and Partnership with WellSky

In today's home-based care economy, effective connectivity and streamlined administrative processes...

Topics: Maximizing Back-office Efficiency, Revenue Cycle Management

Revolutionizing Orders Management: Concierge's Triumph with Forcura Circle

Efficient orders management is paramount in the healthcare sector, ensuring timely care delivery...

Topics: Maximizing Back-office Efficiency, Revenue Cycle Management

Will RCD Continue in 2024? That’s Beside the Point

It’s unknown if CMS plans a continuation and/or expansion of Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) in...

Topics: webinar, Pre-Claim Review, home health, CMS, RCD

Everything You Need to Know About HIPAA-Compliant Texting

Since the first text message was sent in 1992, text messaging has grown to be one of the most...

Topics: healthcare, HIPAA, software

Stability And Consistency Are Keys To Liberating Healthcare Technology Users

Reliability is arguably the most important factor when evaluating technology. In post-acute...

What ROI Can You Expect with Forcura? Answer These Questions to Find Out

If you've already done some research and shopped around, you’ve likely become familiar with how...

Topics: medicare audit

How to Improve Care Coordination

The modern healthcare system is besieged with unprecedented challenges. Data from the CDC says the...

Topics: Care Coordination, software, healthcare tech

Considering Centralization? Here Is Advice You Need to Succeed

With all the complexities facing home-based care providers today – compressed margins, costly...

Topics: healthcare, in home care, healthcare tech

Care Coordination Examples

Looking for examples of care coordination in action? There are many ways that health care providers...

Topics: Care Coordination, software, healthcare tech

Revenue Cycle Management Best Practices

As much as owners and operators of healthcare organizations would like to focus solely on providing...

Topics: Care Coordination, software, healthcare tech

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