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Use HIPAA-compliant Mobile Scanning Technology to Deliver Clinical Images and Documents In Real Time

Images bring a patient'care and progress to life. They can help diagnose a problem before it gets away from the caregiver and are invaluable when it comes to reimbursements and continuity of care. The process of capturing, disseminating, and sending clinical images is simply table stakes -- something any successful agency must achieve. 

Unfortunately, in the past, this process was fraught with challenges related to the security and accessibility of patient records as they traveled from the field to the back office and ultimately into the patient chart. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance is a big part of the issue. Agencies must use approved transmission and storage methods when handling patient-related images, such as wounds or sutures, so patient information remains confidential while still accessible to all approved caregivers. 

Early adopters used HIPAA-compliant scanning solutions that required extensive setup and training. In addition, end-users were saddled with yet another piece of hardware to carry around, including scanners and scanning 'wands.' While these devices did result in quality scans, the remaining workflow for sending scanned documents was often unsecured or inefficient. The biggest problem: Many of these first-generation scanning solutions were HIPAA-compliant but not designed specifically for healthcare. 

At Forcura, we improve care coordination by removing communication barriers for clinicians in the field. The Forcura Mobile Care Coordination app includes the Document Capture and Wound features to complement its Secure Communication, Video Call, and Digital Forms Management capabilities.  

This app interacts with our cloud-based workflow platform to offer a comprehensive solution to the problems of earlier scanning arrangements. It is available for Android and iOS devices and securely captures high-definition images and documents. Those captured files are double-encrypted and stored remotely with cloud technology; nothing lives on the user device. Document Capture uses automatic edge-detection and other functionalities that make the app easy to use in any caregiving scenario. The Wound feature automatically recognizes, scans, and measures any chronic wound, keeping track of progress.  


Mobile Care Coordination


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Designed specifically for healthcare

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Integration with workflow management tools for Referrals and Medical Records  

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EHR integration

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iOS and Android mobile app compatibility 

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Using a HIPAA-compliant image capture tool – one built from the ground up for the healthcare industry – can result in considerable benefits for an agency.  Our clients have been able to go 100% paperless. They have seen a 67% reduction in the time spent on wound measurement processes. And since the Forcura mobile care coordination solution is 100% HIPAA-compliant, our clients' patients and caregivers never have to worry that personally identifiable information will be lost or stolen. 

Most importantly, these improvements contribute to more efficient processes and better patient outcomes by providing clinicians with the correct information in hand, promptly, to boost productivity and level of care. 

If your agency is looking to add image scanning and capturing functionality to your toolset, research your options carefully. We suggest asking any potential vendor partners the following questions: 

  • Is your solution secure?
  • Is it efficient?
  • Is it cost-effective? 

Only the best technologies tick all these boxes, ensuring you and your patients have the peace of mind we all deserve. 

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Deb Buenaflor is responsible for the strategic growth of the Forcura platform, while focusing on meeting the ever-changing workflows and regulatory requirements for the post-acute healthcare industry. She works closely with Forcura’s Engineering team to guide products from conception to launch, and with industry-leading EHR partners to build technology workflows that will fulfill regulatory requirements, drive productivity, and enable better patient care.

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