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2020 Forcura Connect Summit

The 2020 Forcura CONNECT Summit brought leaders across the healthcare
continuum together to connect and collaborate to improve continuity of care.

The Importance of Equity of Care

Yolanda Robles

Des Varady & Kate Warnock

Envisioning "Next Normal"

Dr. Rasu Shrestha

Home Healthcare 2.0

Bill Dombi, Scott Decker, Trisha Crissman & Kate Warnock

Holistic Care For The Frail Elderly

Dr. Romilla Batra, Dr. Gordon Kuttner, & Bill Crane

The PACIO Project

David Hill

Continuous Care, Continuous Data

Tim Ashe, Paul Wilder, Meredith Mull & Kate Warnock

Beyond Telehealth Pt. 1

Jarrett Bauer, Matthew Holt and Pippa Shulman

Beyond Telehealth Pt. 2

Dr. Jennifer Schneider & Jessica DaMassa

The New Rules

Bruce Greenstein & Jessica DaMassa

The End Of The Point Solution

Dawn Whaley & Matthew Holt

2020 CONNECT Summit Speakers