2020 Session Recordings

The 2020 Forcura CONNECT Summit brought leaders across the healthcare continuum together to connect and collaborate to improve continuity of care.



Craig Mandeville & Annie Erstling


The Importance of Equity of Care

Yolanda Robles


Des Varady & Kate Warnock


Envisioning "Next Normal"

Dr. Rasu Shrestha


Home Healthcare 2.0

Bill Dombi, Scott Decker, Trisha Crissman & Kate Warnock


Holistic Care For The Frail Elderly

Dr. Romilla Batra, Dr. Gordon Kuttner, & Bill Crane


The PACIO Project

David Hill


Continuous Care, Continuous Data

Tim Ashe, Paul Wilder, Meredith Mull & Kate Warnock


Proactive Post-Acute Care

Mandi Bishop, Elliott Wood, Nick Muscato & BJ Boyle


Beyond Telehealth Pt. 1

Jarrett Bauer, Matthew Holt and Pippa Shulman


Beyond Telehealth Pt. 2

Dr. Jennifer Schneider & Jessica DaMassa


The New Rules

Bruce Greenstein & Jessica DaMassa


The End Of The Point Solution

Dawn Whaley & Matthew Holt