Document Tracking

Reduce document turnaround time and improve cash flow with end-to-end document tracking.

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Move Faster, Work Smarter with Document Tracking

Document Tracking provides the tools you need to manage the significant volume of documents required for clinical care, scheduling, reimbursement, and compliance. This comprehensive web-based document workflow application is designed specifically for home health and hospice organizations. Regular updates allow you to work in tandem with any EMR.

  • Reduce AR turnaround time by approximately 67%
  • Eliminate manual document reconciliation
  • Eliminate telecommunication costs
  • Improve compliance and document accessibility
  • Create customized management reporting
  • Provide better, faster patient care

Custom Reporting

Metrics on the Forcura dashboard allow your team to easily see where all required documents are at any stage in the tracking process. Your team has access to reliable performance information that enables them to perform efficiently and effectively.


Barcode Document Tracking

Track all document as they are sent to and from your organization. When a signed document is returned, it is routed through Forcura, instantly reconciled, and your staff is notified that the document is ready for approval and billing.


Automated Document Follow-Up

Improve document turnaround with instant resending of outstanding documents based on escalation level or days outstanding. The result is better cash flow, faster billing, and improved overall revenue cycle.


Document Archive

Create a searchable medical record that meets all compliance requirements.

Virtual Print Driver

Instantly track documents regardless of the EHR you are using.

Document Activity History

View every interaction with a document. Eliminate grueling audits.



100% HIPAA Compliant


End-to-End Encryption


Nothing Stored on Device

"Forcura Document Tracking integrates digital and physical documentation in one place to inform decision-making, reduce receivables and maximize the value of your existing technology investments."

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