An Enterprise Interoperability Platform For EHR

Turn your EHR into an interoperable powerhouse by capturing, managing and exchanging time-sensitive patient data through one modern enterprise interoperability platform. Expedite new patient onboarding, manage physician orders, simplify clinical communication and use actionable data to make smart business decisions.

Reduce document processing time. Eliminate manual reconciliation. Improve referral relationships. Lower your administrative expenses. Find new insights. Streamline intake. And make stronger decisions in real-time. Do it all through improved document management.

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Mobile Care Coordination

Drive efficiency and reduce risk

Whether you're managing team communication or expediting intake and orders, you can do so securely from any device. All of it — including systematic chronic wound management reporting — integrates with your EHR. Develop more comprehensive patient records right from your mobile device while providing better patient care.

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Taking the industry from documents to data

Exchange Patient Information Securely

Expedite the exchange of patient information in any format between providers through the Forcura platform. Manage patient referrals, physician orders, video content, EOBs, wound measurements, clinical images or conversations and check remittances in one location.

Transfer Information Regardless of Delivery Method

Forcura's platform will be able to read and make sense of unstructured files and turn them into meaningful data and workflows that can be integrated with your EHR.

Turn Unstructured Information into Actionable Data

Forcura provides seamless interoperability between any health system by turning unstructured data into meaningful information. This allows us to turn data into intelligent workflows and analytics for the fastest processing times and operational insights to empower clients to manage productivity and efficiency at the executive and management level.
Paperless Process
Patient to FTE Ratio
Decrease in Document Processing Time

Elara Caring + Forcura

"I've never seen a faster response time or better follow-up. This is the new customer service standard for the entire industry."

- Becky Ostrowski, Director of Software Support, Elara Caring

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