Intake & Referral Management

Manage all of your inbound documents in one place – easily.

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Save Time & Money with Referrals and Referral Sources in One Place

The Forcura Intake & Referral Management module is a comprehensive web-based application used by home health and hospice providers to manage every step of the intake process. It gives you the technology, support and confidence you need to create a more streamlined and efficient intake process.

  • Reduce your document processing time by 60%
  • Improve referral relationships
  • Lower administrative expenses
  • Drastically cut or eliminate telecommunications expenses
  • Create customized management reporting
  • View instant insights for real-time decision making

Enterprise Electronic Fax Engine

Eliminate your telecommunication costs and accept more referrals directly into your Forcura inbox, reducing intake costs by an average of $12 per patient.


Centralized Document Routing

Manage intake and referrals in one centralized, web-based application enabling team members from any location to process inbound documents in an organized, efficient manner. The result is time savings of up to 40%.


Custom Reporting

View instant insights on employee productivity, document processing time, and number of referrals at any stage of the intake process. Capture the metrics that matter most to you on your dashboard and export them with one click.


Demographic Sync

Sync patient and physician demographic information directly from your EMR.

Custom Workflows

Build workflows to quickly process referrals and inbound documents.

Virtual Print Driver

Instantly route referrals to Forcura no matter how they are received.



100% HIPAA Compliant


End-to-End Encryption


Nothing Stored on Device

"Our centralized intake is now streamlined and managed in one place thanks to Forcura. We are now able to better manage team members productivity and collaboration with all incoming referrals."

Mission Healthcare

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