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Rapidly Equip Your Remote Workforce

To maximize home health and hospice’s ability to accept and care for a potential influx of patients, the sector must expedite equipping its workforce with the appropriate people, processes and technology so teams can operate remotely, securely transmit patient information, and enable care teams to coordinate care from the home.

Improve Your Remote Working Situation With The Right Technology


24/7 Web-Based Platform

Forcura serves our customers by allowing administrative staff to process new patient referrals and manage orders 24/7 in a single web-based platform.

Efficient Information Workflow

Forcura removes bottlenecks which could slow accepting new patients with a solution that moves information into and out of your EHR of record with a click.

Support Revenue Cycle

The Forcura solution allows teams to continue to support current revenue cycle management processes from any location


Forcura Remote Workflow Benefits

100% Web-based Platform
Teams can work collaboratively anywhere there is an internet connection

Dynamic Centralized Dashboard
Allows leaders and team managers to have oversight into all locations and branches in real-time.

100% Paperless Process
Eliminates the needs for on-premise printers, scanners, fax machines

Secure Communication
HIPAA-secure collaboration between remote care teams

Resources for your remote workforce