Artificial Intelligence in Post-acute Care

Sophisticated technology, driven by artificial intelligence, will undoubtedly change how healthcare and the business of healthcare is planned, delivered and resourced. Providers who follow this advancement will have the knowledge to stay ahead of the game and make the best decisions for their organizations and patients. 

This webinar, the first in our Summit Series, explores three distinct use cases of AI in the post-acute care sector as discussed by industry leaders. 


Meet the panelists
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Wolf Shlagman

Founder and Chief Product and Innovation Officer,
Care Angel


Wes Little

Chief Analytics Officer,

Sharon Brunecz

Chief Human Resource Officer,
Kate 6-Retouched

Kate Warnock

Director, Communications. and Brand Strategy,

Attendees interested in progressive healthcare developments will learn more about:


AI Adoption + Presense

The current presence and adoption of AI-enabled tech in post-acute healthcare.

Virtual Assistants

How AI can be utilized to extend care through virtual assistants.

Best Care Settings

How AI can proactively identify the best care setting and care plan for patients.

Detect Staff Turnover

How AI can detect staff turnover as much as 90 days ahead of intended resignation.
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Why Adopt AI?

Why post-acute providers should adopt AI technology in their own businesses – and how to start.