Your TL;DR Guide to Forcura’s Best Content - 2019 Edition

We get it - you are a multitasking master, and can juggle a 3-page long (on legal pad!) list of To Do’s without breaking a sweat. Yet some things have to fall off the radar, like getting to that latest blog post or white paper from your favorite vendor (that’s us, right)? No hard feelings! Realizing your time is precious, we present to you our “too long didn’t read” (TL;DR) guide to the content found most valuable by our audience this year. Should you find yourself with a few spare minutes this December, fill your favorite mug, put your feet up, and see which of these posts or webinars will leave you with a little more insight to tackle 2020.


1.  Use HIPAA Compliant Document Scanning To Deliver Clinical Images And Documents In Real-Time
Using a HIPAA-compliant image capture tool – one that was built from the ground up for the healthcare industry – can result in big benefits for your agency. This was Forcura’s most-read blog of 2019.

2.  5 Ways To Streamline Intake And Referral Management Processes
Whether you utilize a referral management system or not, you’ll want to focus on these five methods in order to develop an intake process that’s as efficient as possible. We've outlined the five things you need to know to stay on top of it.

3.  5 Strategies For Successful PDGM Prep 
Technology will be the differentiator for the most successful agencies as they transition to PDGM. This blog outlines five strategies to make the transition as painless as possible. We promise the blog is relevant even once PDGM is implemented.

4.  Is That In My Job Description? 6 Staffing Considerations Under PDGM 
Industry expert Diane Link of Link Healthcare Advantage shares how agency roles will change as new tasks are added and workflows evolve under PDGM, and how to help your teams be prepared for January 1.



1.  Transforming Orders Processing: Cornerstone VNA Case Study 
Using the Forcura platform, Cornerstone VNA was able to reduce its inventory of orders aged 30-days and older by 92% in four weeks, helping them to recover $500,000 in outstanding claims. Learn how we partnered with them to achieve those goals.

2.  How Technology and Analytics are Driving Smart Business Decisions in Home Health 
As your business invests in technology to drive operational and financial efficiencies today, ask how it can help you prepare for what’s next in post-acute: value-based contracting and predictive analytics. This white paper makes the case for smart technology purchasing.

3.  When PAC Leverages the Right Technology, Patients and Providers Win 
Technology alone isn’t a magic wand for generating outstanding clinical, operational and financial performance. But when combined with the right internal processes and paired with staff who are trained and invested in its use, technology can be a win for post-acute providers and patients. We interviewed industry experts for this insightful white paper.



1.  Learn How Intrepid USA Manages Intake And Orders With Forcura 

In this webinar, hear from Jonathan Fluhart, Intrepid USA’s VP of Technology & Process Excellence, on the problems Intrepid was needing to solve, the solutions and results they found in Forcura, and how our partnership with WellSky is helping to set up Intrepid for growth and success in 2020.

2.  Understand Your Data to Survive and Thrive Under PDGM 
Learn from BlackTree Healthcare Consulting and our own Annie Erstling how you can make data-driven decisions to optimize revenue cycle management, internal processes, and technology workflows.

3.  Solving The Top 5 Bottlenecks For Intake And Orders Management 
Is your cash flow at the mercy of the five most common referral and orders management chokepoints? View this webinar hosted by Forcura and Homecare Homebase and learn how to optimize people, process and technology so your referral and order management workflows are best-in-class.


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Whether it’s a story about the future of work or a webinar that demonstrates how a client optimized their workflows, our goal at Forcura is to deliver content that helps you do your job better, and make sense of what’s coming next in the industry. We are humbled to support the expert care you deliver through your organization, and strive to empower you to deliver even better patient care in the future.

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As Forcura's Brand Strategy Manager, Kate brings a robust background and knowledge of the healthcare and post-acute industry to Forcura. She also represents Forcura as a social media ambassador at events around the country, is an on-camera reporter and interviewer, and host of our Innovate Jax podcast.

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