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Make Your Home Health Business Penalty-Proof

The Forcura solution is your best defense in a zero-pay RAP market

How healthy are your operations? Do you know what your teams did today? Which physicians are slowing down your ability to provide care? As you cope with the impacts of COVID-19 - and as of January 1, a zero-pay RAP - on your business, your employees and your patients, you don’t have extra time to track referrals status, order management workflow and employees. Thankfully, Forcura users have a platform, Forcura Analytics, which automatically assesses key performance indicators from data flowing through our system. It can provide immediate value to your business oversight!

Forcura Analytics generates eight standard reports available to your administrative-level users, so they can see what’s working and what needs attention ASAP. It lets you track your agency’s referral volume trends, and see which doctors are holding the most outstanding orders, enabling you to follow up, get the approvals and signatures you need – and achieve a much-improved revenue cycle.

Early users of Forcura Analytics are raving about how its insights allow them to quickly take meaningful action on orders and evaluate staff performance. One of them, University Hospitals Home Care, says it’s the “best software platform Forcura could have written…”.

Ohio’s Largest Home Care Agency is Seeing Better Results

Based in northeastern Ohio, University Hospitals Home Care Services (UH Home Care) has a daily census of some 2,500 patients (which includes infusions) and over 2,100 referring physicians. It’s been taking advantage of the provider relationship management features in Forcura’s system, moving all its orders to Forcura’s platform. Nicole Fowler, Business Manager of Clinical Operations for UH Home Care, says this makes it much easier to electronically send orders to doctors.

“It’s really just a one or two-click process, since the physicians’ fax and/or phone numbers are already in Forcura’s system. Having all of our orders managed out of one platform is very efficient, and allows us to bulk resend our outstanding documents effortlessly. We’re able to sort by team, by patient or by physician. Our documents, especially the older ones, are coming back more quickly, since we’re able to group them together.”

Now that she’s using Forcura Analytics, Nicole is thrilled with the additional improvements. She’s particularly pleased with the ease of use of its reporting feature, saying it’s definitely as simple as advertised – and rating it a “9 out of 10.”

“We’re able to immediately identify those physicians who have a high number of outstanding documents. With the data refreshed daily, I get instant results on the progress with those physicians, as well as how my team members are doing.”

For example, the Forcura Analytics dashboard showed UH Home Care which physicians had orders more than 91 days outstanding, and her staff jumped into action.

“Staff called one of our tardy physicians, and were able to get more than 120 signed documents returned in four days,” Nicole reports. “It was pretty amazing that this physician went from the top of our list to almost the bottom so quickly. We also gave him a ballpark figure of how his outstanding orders were affecting us financially. He has now remained timely with signing and returning documents, knowing we can easily compare his results with other referring physicians.”

Overall days outstanding are dropping as well, according to Nicole.

“Since Forcura’s system enables auto- faxing out our documents every eight days, we are now seeing 80% of providers are returning the orders within the first sweep. I believe it is because of the paperwork volume as physicians have reported back to us they don’t like getting duplicated orders sent to them, therefore they sign and return as soon as it arrives. We also noticed that we’re getting an additional 30 percent of those returned after the second fax. Physicians seem more inclined to turn in orders more quickly, knowing they’ll receive more paperwork if they don’t.”

Management Benefits are also Timely

With her staff working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole points to Forcura Analytics as a great way for her to track how much work they complete on a daily basis – and create a friendly competition.

“In terms of accountability and productivity, not meeting face-to-face can create an unsettling feeling,” she admits. “However, with Forcura Analytics, I’ve been able to look at order performance daily, monthly, quarterly and even yearly. I report metrics to the team as a whole weekly, which I also send to our CNO, to show our progress. By constantly communicating, the team knows that I’m paying attention to their workflow.”

“I’ve also been able to challenge them to get a specific number of orders back before month-end close…and no one wants to see themselves in last place. So they’re constantly pushing themselves to get as many outstanding documents returned as possible. Plus, high performers are sharing their successes and short-cuts with the team, so they’re all using the system more efficiently.”

Take Forcura Analytics for a Spin

We provided the initial version of Forcura Analytics to all of our clients as a built-in feature of our platform. So if you haven’t tried it yet, Nicole may just convince you to do so:

“I love the Analytics platform,” concluded Nicole. “It runs smoothly and does all that our users ask for. It’s worked wonders for UH Home Care so far, and I couldn’t be happier with the impact it’s made for us in such a short period of time. It’s definitely a platform worth utilizing. The Forcura system just keeps getting better and better!”

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